Help Desk

Are you searching for a way to resolve your organization’s computer support problems? We have over 15 years of technical support experiences and expertise in many fields from Windows 2000 to Red Hat Linux.

VisionI  can provide you with the computer support while your firm can have freedom to focus on your core business objectives and not have to worry about an IT issues.
We utilize approved processes and procedures that we have developed for all aspects of our help desk operation to ensure consistent quality and efficient trouble resolution. Our computer support call center handles everything from operating popular desktop applications to troubleshooting complex computer software and hardware problems.

VisionI can supply your organization with the on site resources needed to provide quality cost-effective support. We offer a complete line of traditional call center and newer Internet eServices.

  • Toll-free telephone
  • E-Mail
  • FAX
  • Live Internet text chat
  • Remote control
  • 24 hours/day X 7 days/week X 365 days/year
  • After-hours and Overflow
  • Commercial computer hardware
  • Commercial desktop software
Virus Removal

If you or your company computers are infected with any viruses, we can help.
We use the latest technique and commercial software available to remove any viruses that might impact your normal use of your PC. If we can not remove the virus we will offer a flat rate for complete system re-installation while we will try to save all your valuable data in their original format. Drop off service is welcomed for viruses or spyware removal.

DSL / Cable Installtion
Having trouble setting up your new broadband (DSL/Cable) connection to your home network? No more! VisioI can send out a qualified techincian to your house and setup everything while you just sit and relax. We can also secure you wireless connection so your neighbors can not steal your bandwidth or worse yet, spread viruses and spywares to all your computers. We offer flat rate installation or per hour basis. Please call us for more details.

Disaster Recovery

System crashed? We can help. We have helped recovered many valuable data for our clients from server crashes to hardware failures. We will use all tools available to us in trying to recover your data as we understand that your data is very valuable to you.

Emergency service is available for all server crashes as we know your company depends on your server to operate your business. We will do our best to recover your server as soon as possible.

Backup Management ( Onsite and Offsite )

Having a good backup strategy is like have a good insurance policy so it is critical that your company has a  good and documented strategy. HIPPA law requires your company to have a backup at all times in case of fire or deft. VisionI offers onsite and offsite backup solutions to all your server and desktop backups.

Computer Solutions

We offer a variety of computer solutions  for all our clients from recommending computer systems to implementing complex computer networking. Our consulting service can  help your company choose the right technology in the most cost effective manner.

New Office setup or relocation

Why waste your time in trying to setup your new office when you can use us? We have helped many new companies setup all their office technology needs from FAX machines to servers and desktops. With our expertise in planning and implementing, your company is freed to develop your own business while take care the rest.

Relocation can be a big hassle as there are many details to take in consideration before the actual move. We can document and help your company move all your IT equipment and coordinate with the appropriate companies to ensure a smooth relocation . Without proper planning, your relocation can be doomed and can cause a major down time while you scramble to resolve all the unaccounted issues.

Computer and Networking
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